Monday, September 28, 2009

General Hospital's Beauty & The Geek

Holly's favorite TV Show is General Hospital, especially because of character Damian Spinelli aka "The Jackal". He's a geeky comic book loving computer hacker who won the heart of the show's sexy bad girl, Maxie Jones. Today was Spinelli and Maxie's wedding day on the show and it was absolutely brilliant! Everything a soap opera should be! GH had been sucking over the last couple of years, but they hit gold with this unlikely couple. And just to win the hearts of we toy fanatics, Spinelli's girl bought him Superman Christmas ornaments last year! Here he sits stunned as he holds up his Maximista's special gift. She truly understands him.

Spinelli and Maxie may have made it to the altar, but the groom halted the ceremony. In a moment of maturity Spinelli realized that the love of his life was not ready to get married. But the quirky couple are more in love than ever!

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