Thursday, February 01, 2007

Slacking Off Again!

Yeah, so it's been over 3 months since my last post. Sorry, but it still feels like October to me. The time has flown by! It's true what they say about life speeding up as you get older. Maybe it's the perspective of things. When you're young, time is so much bigger than you. But when you're older time is a fraction of what you are. And I'm babbling. On to the fun stuff...

Mick is still working on Supergirl & The Legion Of Super-Heroes with Barry Kitson. He's been crazy busy inking all those figures on every page!!! But Barry's art looks amazing, so it's worth it.

Genevieve is enjoying kindergarten very much! She especially loves all the friends she's made this year. We had her 6th birthday party with her whole class at The Jungle this year thanks to them sending us a winning certificate for a free party! I hope we win another one next year. That place is expensive!!! In addition to school, Gen is enjoying her piano classes on The Music Bus that comes to her school each week. They make lessons affordable for everybody!

I have been an insane eBayer and achieved Power Seller status as a Christmas gift!!! Too bad I'm not making a powerful profit. That's okay, I use eBay as a way to market the other things in our life like Mick's website and my t-shirt designs. There are a lot of soap opera fans out there! Glad I can make such fun gifts without infringing on anybody's copyrighted material.

Speaking of soap operas, I've given up on Days Of Our Lives. As much as I adore Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans' Steve & Kayla, I just can't handle the writing on that show. It's sooooo boring. And most of the actors are too over the top. Kudos to the actors who play Billie & Nick. Loved that one night stand!!! Sadly, they aren't enough to keep me taping the show.

One show that now has me totally hooked is ALL MY CHILDREN. What an exciting storyline they have going with the serial killer! Just when you think you know whodunnit, they throw in a monkey wrench! Love love LOVE the trans-gender storyline with Zarf/Zoe!!! Bravo to AMC for taking such a big risk!

We want to remodel (well, sorta) our house this summer. I've started a new blog begging for help, input, advice with creating our dream house on little or no money. The link is to the left, HELP OUR HOUSE.

I'll try to write more sooner than later.

Holly =]