We Want Your Stuff

If you have any toys you would like to donate, sell or trade please contact us! All items should be in mint or near mint condition. Toys we collect include (but are not limited to) the following...
  • Any older toys related to comics, TV or movies
  • Captain Action dolls or accessories
  • Mego figures
  • Dolls from the 1970s
  • Happy Meal Toys (pre-1990)
Let's Trade
Since selling toys is not very lucrative we are grateful when people are willing to trade! Here is what we have to offer in exchange for your toys...
  • Toys from our store
  • Mick Gray's autographed comics
  • Mick Gray's original comic book art pages. (view samples)
  • Mick Gray's commissioned art. Have something created just for you! (view samples)