Friday, January 20, 2012

The Hunger Games!!!

This is my (Holly's) latest obsession. Our daughter's 5th grade teacher read the first book to the class and they were all hooked. Gen kept bugging me to read it and I finally gave in. All I can say is WOW. I hadn't heard of the book and as soon as I started reading it other fans popped out of the woodwork to gush about it. And now there's a movie coming out on March 23. Good thing I didn't read it until recently or I'd have been going nuts waiting for the film. This is probably the most excited I've been about a movie since Return of the Jedi. I can't get enough of the promos, news and interviews. My daughter got me to start a Hunger Games facebook group, where I'm posting all my favorite scoops. If you would like to join in with scoops of your own we're happy to have you. Just keep your posts kid friendly.

Happy Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favor!

Friday, January 06, 2012

1/06-1/08/11 Mick and Holly Are Clearing Out Books!

In order to make room for some super cool new books we need to clear out the old! Almost every book in our store ( is 40 - 50% off right now, many with FREE SHIPPING. Plus if you buy 2 or more books and ship them together we'll send you a Starbucks e-gift card! Have a coffee on us as our way of saying Thanks! (supplies are very limited, so act fast!). Happy reading!