Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Once Every Six Months Post! LOL!

I can't believe I did it again!!! I think I just have too much going on and too many other blogs. I'm still trying to figure out which ones are working best for me. So... what's been going on...

Well, the economy is sorta sucking, but we're hanging in there. I keep thinking if I could sell 50,000 t-shirts either via Super Soap Fans or One Smile Can Change The World we would have it made. What sort of shirt would you buy? Maybe some great gimmick that everybody would want to take part in?

We've been doing more consignments on eBay lately! I love consignments! Especially the vintage kind! Check out to see what we have left on auction!

Mick will be signing with DC Comics again soon. He took a detour over at Marvel, but got a call from DC right after. Marvel is cool, but Mick is a diehard DC fan through and through! The Joker Dark Night hardcover is finally finished (it only took a year!) and will be out in October. They had hoped to get it out this month for the latest Batman film, but it didn't work out that way. I guess it will be out for the video release.

San Diego Comic Con is this month and Mick is looking forward to chatting with fans. He loves to meet new people! If you go by Artist Alley, please bring him some cool SWAG. He rarely gets to walk around, so it will mean a lot to him! Sodas, bottled water and pizza is also greatly appreciated. LOL.

Gen just finished up a really fun science camp where she learned about amusement park rides, circus feats, 1960 pop art, Egyptology and crime scene investigation! She loved it all! She's also been taking piano lessons and has been loving them as well. We're hoping to win the HGTV Dream Home next year so we can have a real piano in our house.

Holly's latest obsession is Damian Millhouse Spinelli on General Hospital. I am going to create a website for "The Jackal" similar to my Zander and Zoe sites (all found at For those of you non-GH fans... Spinelli is yet another totally offbeat soap opera character. He came onto the show in 2006 as a cyber-geek hired by a rival mob boss to create incriminating evidence on a jump drive. Spinelli (aka The Jackal, ace of cyberspace) ended up joining forces with the "good mobsters" and has been a permanent fixture on the show ever since. He has an incredible way of speaking, like he just walked out of a Dungeons & Dragons video game. Currently Spinelli and Maxie are one of the hottest supercouples on daytime TV right now (even though they're just best friends)! They've been dubbed "Beauty & The Geek". The photo below was from a fantasy sequence in which Spinelli imagines himself as a "Sam Spade" type detective and his sultry siren, "the wounded blonde one" as he refers to Maxie.

The hacker and the hitman aka Damian Spinelli and Jason Morgan. The odd couple of GH. "Grasshopper" and his master "Stone Cold". LOL!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where To Begin?

I had considered closing this Blogger account because I didn't think anybody looked at it. But recently somebody asked why we hadn't updated it and I realized I need to keep it going. I've been playing around with different networking sites to see which one works best, but I'll keep this one going as a general family "What's Happening" type of page. So here's the scoop...

Shortly after my last post here, Mick's dad Pete passed away from a long battle with heart failure. It was a very difficult 2 years. He's in a better place now, but we all miss him a lot. Pete was a friend to everybody. Even if he'd never met you before he was instantly your best friend! His memorial service was a full house with many people I'd never met coming up and telling their best Pete stories. It was a very special day.

We had lots of work done on our house (new linoleum, laminate, vinyl, paint, etc.) which ended up costing twice as much as we expected, which pretty much wiped out our entire savings. The house looks nice, but we've been scraping by ever since. If you could refer friends to our eBay store or tell your friends about Mick's original comic book art, that would be a big help.

Mick is no longer on contract at DC Comics, so he's now a free agent and can work anywhere he wants. He hopes to do more animated kids comics, like his recent job on Teen Titans Go! Mick really wants to be involved in more projects that help young kids learn to read. He's currently working on a project starring his very own character, Al B. Mouse!

One of the things we're going to do is have a series of polls that allow readers to add their own captions to different comic strips. I'm just trying to figure out where that will take place. Probably at Mick's message board, once I get that back up and running.

If anybody can offer advice on the best sites for marketing our eBay store that would be very helpful. What has worked best for you?

If you're in Silicon Valley and have any vintage toys you would like to get rid of, let us put them on consignment for you! Check out our store to see what we're selling. We do have a separate eBay account for non-toy items, so we can sell anything collectible for you.

I'm working on a book of soap opera fan stories. If you know somebody who is a soap fan and has a story to tell, please send them over to the Super Soap Fans message board.

I'll try to update more often. (yeah, where have we heard that before?)