Sunday, October 01, 2006

Catching Up...

So the biggest adjustment this year has been Gen going to kindergarten. We have to keep track of all the different papers that come home, special weekly assignments, library books to return, volunteer responsibilities, etc. But at least we have a block of hours to work without interruption which is great!!! And Gen loves school, so that's even better!

Holly has become a garage sale maniac (Mick is learning to love them) and having pretty good luck finding treasures to sell. Profit margins are small, but at least it keeps the store interesting. Garage sales really are like treasure hunts, though you have to wade through a lot of crap to find the gold. It takes a special breed to love these events.

Mick has been going to lots of concerts, thanks to his new volunteer job with Slims and The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. He can go to almost any show he wants for free! You can read his concert reviews on his website (

Spend $25.00 or more in our store and get a way cool Superman Returns PROMO Daily Planet newspaper!!! A big THANK YOU to Legends Of The Game in Morgan Hill (ph: 408-776-0725) for providing these goodies for you!!! (Any local shops interested in providing small promo items will get free worldwide promotion for your store!)

New items in Holly's One Smile Can Change The World Shop ( A holiday section has been added, just in time for Halloween.

And there's a new Current Events section featuring SANTA CRUZ The Original Surf City.