Wednesday, November 30, 2005

This Ain't Easy!

Okay, it's week two and I feel like I've accomplished almost nothing!

Well, that's not true. I created a cool looking storefront for The Al B. Mouse Shop. It looks like an extension of Mick's website. I had to use my limited web development knowledge to go in and doctor the CSS code for the template. It worked great! Here are some of the graphics we're using on the shirts... (click on picture to see larger version)

Here's a coupon for Cafe Press if you're interested in buying something.
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I also got a bunch of stuff photographed for our eBay store. We actually sold quite a few items this past week!

For Dot Net, I'll be attending a Marketing conference in San Francisco next week. That should be fun. I told my friend, Valarie Beadle (Dot Net prez), that even if I never get paid I'm learning quite a bit that will help me with my own businesses. She in turn reminded me that the goal is to get all of us paid and she's happy to have me aboard.

Gen has been sick with a cold for almost two weeks. Poor baby. The doctor had me give her a decongestant, rather than cough medicine since coughing is "good". It prevents pneumonia. We're currently looking into lowering our Kaiser bill, since there is no way we can keep paying their new rate of $800 per month! We'll just get real intimate with their advice nurses and have the doctors call us at home to avoid the new $50 co-pay. I'm all for a government regulated health care system like in Canada. Discuss that issue amongst yahselves.

That's all for now. Back to work!

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